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August 20th, 2011

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05:54 pm - Ajani Goldmane
At the 2010 October London MCM Expo, I got into Magic The Gathering.  Since then, I have bought a few booster packs, always in hope I'd find myself a Planeswalker and get extremely excited.  I never have.

More recently, Caroline got into Magic, and even though she has purchased some boosters (not as many as me), she's never had a Planeswalker either.. until the other day that is.  This story is a little bit special though.

Caroline and myself met up with Jodie and headed to Sheffield.  While in Pizza Hut, Paul joined us, but instead of feasting, he sat there showing us Planeswalkers on his phone.  I saw a perfect one for my white deck which I decided was the main card I wanted.  Ajani Goldmane had to be mine.  We were going to Patriot Games afterwards to buy some more boosters and the one card on my mind was Ajani.

At Patriot, we played some games.  Caroline and Paul beat each other while I shown Jodie the rules of Magic.  Caroline, Paul and myself played two multi-player games, I won one, Caroline won the other.  Sorry again Paul for wiping you out of the second game like I did, I wasn't being biased, I thought you were more of a threat, but Caroline beat me showing me I was probably wrong?

At the shop, I bought a tool kit, containing a load of cards and 4 boosters.  I see it as more of a bargain that buying 4 boosters alone.  Caroline didn't know whether to get one or not, but eventually she did.  I got a few new cards from my packs, but Caroline was happy to see, out of one of the boosters within her tool kit, Ajani Goldmane... the one which had become number one on my list.  Being my sweet awesome wife, she did offer to give me it, but I declined, she earned the card, and she got it through genuine proper means.. not using Ebay.  Haha.

Now she's got that card, she can kick my arse a lot more.  I'm impressed.  I'm still after my first ever Planeswalker, but once a powerful card becomes mine... watch out Caroline, and we're sorry Paul.  Yeaaaah!

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