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August 20th, 2011

05:54 pm - Ajani Goldmane
At the 2010 October London MCM Expo, I got into Magic The Gathering.  Since then, I have bought a few booster packs, always in hope I'd find myself a Planeswalker and get extremely excited.  I never have.

More recently, Caroline got into Magic, and even though she has purchased some boosters (not as many as me), she's never had a Planeswalker either.. until the other day that is.  This story is a little bit special though.

Caroline and myself met up with Jodie and headed to Sheffield.  While in Pizza Hut, Paul joined us, but instead of feasting, he sat there showing us Planeswalkers on his phone.  I saw a perfect one for my white deck which I decided was the main card I wanted.  Ajani Goldmane had to be mine.  We were going to Patriot Games afterwards to buy some more boosters and the one card on my mind was Ajani.

At Patriot, we played some games.  Caroline and Paul beat each other while I shown Jodie the rules of Magic.  Caroline, Paul and myself played two multi-player games, I won one, Caroline won the other.  Sorry again Paul for wiping you out of the second game like I did, I wasn't being biased, I thought you were more of a threat, but Caroline beat me showing me I was probably wrong?

At the shop, I bought a tool kit, containing a load of cards and 4 boosters.  I see it as more of a bargain that buying 4 boosters alone.  Caroline didn't know whether to get one or not, but eventually she did.  I got a few new cards from my packs, but Caroline was happy to see, out of one of the boosters within her tool kit, Ajani Goldmane... the one which had become number one on my list.  Being my sweet awesome wife, she did offer to give me it, but I declined, she earned the card, and she got it through genuine proper means.. not using Ebay.  Haha.

Now she's got that card, she can kick my arse a lot more.  I'm impressed.  I'm still after my first ever Planeswalker, but once a powerful card becomes mine... watch out Caroline, and we're sorry Paul.  Yeaaaah!

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June 16th, 2011

02:03 pm - Naruto Manga Volume 51
Naruto's been on the go for quite a while now, and if you're a fan, you'll be aware that the manga is a lot better than the anime.  You can read it, and not wait 5 episodes of the anime before a battle makes sense.  Also with the Manga, you haven't got those dreadful intros to each episode that's now in the anime.  It all started so well.  BUT...

Naruto volume 51 of the Manga... AWESOME!  One big massive battle, but the end just goes to show how thrilling this series is.  Bit of a spoiler here so don't read anymore if you're not up to date.  Sasuke is kicking ass, and along comes Kakashi to face off with him.  It's a bit like the moment in Star Wars Episode 3 when Obi-Wan faces off against Anakin, and Anakin just won't listen to reason.  I have a feeling Kakashi is going to get his ass handed to him, because in the violume 52 preview, Naruto and Sasuke are having a battle.  Is this the Vader verses Luke type this, and will Naruto defeat my favourite character?

I don't know how many more manga there are left of this series?  There were 27 volumes of Naruto, which on the anime is called Unleashed.  I think with the story going the way it is, volume 54 could be the last of this series.  I hope volume 55 comes out, but what could they possibly do after this?  The 52nd volume is out in October 2011, so that's a bitch.  I can't wait for the next moment and see what happens next.  Bloody awesome.

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June 14th, 2011

04:32 pm - Scruffy and Noisy Bastards!
I went to Nottingham today.  It's nice and sunny, and I thought with all the school kids being in their cells (at school) and going to Nottingham on the train at the right time in the morning, I'd avoid all the mental idiots that lurk in our world.  I was wrong.  From the moment of leaving Worksop, I got some scruffy git behind me coughing like mad, and when he buggered off, some gimp at the Mansfield stop got on and was coughing and doing that horrible snot noise with his nose.  FUCK OFF!

I went to Gregg's, got me a sandwich and drink, and headed for the park.  I did check the cinema before I went, but the only decent film on at the moment is Pirates Of The Caribbean: Stranger Tides Watsit, but I'm not too bothered.  The sun was out and I was happy to go and chill out in the peaceful park in Nottingham.  WRONG AGAIN!  I was right thinking people would be at work, but didn't realise they'd be working in the park cutting the sodding hedges.  Then about 10 mothers and a bunch of noisy tots went by... twice!  It just wasn't my day.

I went and got my shirt which I was after, along with some new jeans and a t-shirt.  Then to Forbidden Planet where I got Gantz 17.. and they even charged me wrong for that.

It's been a mixed day.  At least I got a photo of a squirrel.  I got a few other photos too but probably not worth bunging on my Facebook?  Oh well.  In 6 days I fly off to Poland to be with Caroline.  When we get back as married folks, we will have a peaceful picnic in Nottingham, otherwise those sodding hedge cutters will see a massacre, or at least the public will when they see it in the papers.  SHUT UP!

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June 13th, 2011

12:05 pm - Fast and Furious 6 Theories
This may contain a spoiler or two from Fast Five, so if you aint seen it yet, don't read on.  First thing's first though, will they call the next movie Fast Six, or Vinny's Revenge?  Haha.

I have seen Fast Five twice.  Once with my brother-in-law to be when it was released, and again with Caroline in Poland.  Both times, bloody brilliant movie.  But on both occasions, loads of people left on the racing credits, instead of staying like intelligent people and seeing it to the end properly.  Especially in Poland, there were tons of people, and only Caroline and myself were left to see the shocker..

After the racing car credits, there was a little bit extra to bring in the 6th movie.  I was thinking Fast Five could be the last one, but nope.  Letty isn't dead!  Remember Letty?  She died in Fast Four, but looking back, all you saw was Toretto going to a road and putting her death together.  O'Connor either thinks she's dead too or knows about her making a new life.  So what coould happen?

Some people are saying Toretto knows she's still alive.  That's not true.  He's been upset ever since it happened and been getting real pissy.  He thinks she's dead.  Brian O'Connor on the other hand, he isn't honest with anyone or himself, that's the way he is.  I think he could know, or perhaps Toretto's sister knows?  SOMEONE KNOWS!  Anyways, The Rock will be back, that's an important factor in all of this.

Why has Letty made a new life though?  Toretto did leave her, so maybe she accepted that and buggered off?  What's going to happen when the shit hits the fan?  Will Han be in this one too?  Will someone else die?  It's so exciting.

I know I've made a Fast Five blog before, but after seeing it, it's been fixed hard into my brain.  I can't wait to see how this all works.  I sit here typing, wanting to go back and watch the first five over again.  While I'm here online, maybe I'll get pre-ordering Fast Five.  Oh hell yeah.

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May 1st, 2011

01:13 pm - Doctor Who and the Secret Time Lords
This blog may contain stuff and theories you don't want to hear, but if you like this sort of thing, read onwards..

Yesterday's Doctor Who episode, Day Of The Moon, was rather epic.  I think it gave a lot more away than it should have done seeing as it's only the second episode of thirteen, but thanks to this, I'm rather excited.  It was my mother who hit the nail on the head at the end of the episode.  I was like 'what the hell' when the little girl regenerated, and my mum continued on from our 'Rory Williams being The Master' theory by saying it must be because it's his kid and he is The Master.  Thinking more after though, maybe it isn't The Master and just another Time Lord hiding just like The Master did?

My main theory about Rory that I haven't gone into for a while.. he is actually the future Doctor Who.  When Matt Smith comes to an end, he regenerates into Rory, who then I suppose has to forget all about being the Doc and makes himself forget so it doesn't cause a paradox?

All in all though, this is an amazing topic, and a brilliant time to watch Doctor Who.  All I'm saying is, keep an eye on Rory and the way The Doctor is observing him, as he has done since the first day he met him.  But who is Rory.. The Master, The Doctor or another Time Lord in hiding???  He's one of those three, that's for sure.

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April 12th, 2011

08:37 am - Work Sucks
If you're reading this and you have the perfect job, with perfect work mates, then good on ya!  You get my congratulations and if we meet, a hand shake.  I mean every word and the hand shake would be meaningful.  I work in a shithole with a lot of shitheads, so congratulations.

I've done a lot in my working life since I was 21, from being a supervisor to a trainer, my old jobs were cool and I worked with some nice people.  My current job, I wouldn't want to be a supervisor because I wouldn't want to communicate with the stupid managers, and I wouldn't want to be a trainer because if I trained someone and they later made a mistake, it'd probably be me getting the blame...  SCREW THAT!

I wish I could go back in the days when I didn't get paid stuff all for writing games reviews for a Teletext service, now that was brilliant.  Even then though, they changed Editor and I didn't bother anymore.  A shit job can be brilliant if the people you work with are nice, and a brilliant job can be turned into the worst experience if you're working with arseholes.  I don't mind my job, and I get paid rather well, but the mixture of dickheads I have to put up with is unreal.  I have about 5 people from work on my Facebook, 2 are family but are still epic, the other 3 I would actually like to keep in touch with when I leave that job.  I do get people from work try and add me on Facebook, and they tend to get denied.  I like to keep work at work, and when I'm at home, I want to get on with my life.  I am writing a blog about work but the last 3 weeks have been fucking shit and I need to get things off my chest.

3 weeks ago, I started working full time again.  4 nights a week, which means I added an extra night, and that extra night meant I'd be working with a few different people.  The first time I went back on that night, I felt like I wasn't welcome by at least 2 people who I used to get along with.  I don't know what I've done wrong?  Maybe they missed me for the last year or so since working on that night?  Who cares.  The thing that pisses me off, 3 hours after handing in my new contract, I was handed a letter saying I'd be starting work an hour later.  It'd also mean I'd still finish the same time as usual losing about 3 hours a week, so the full time thing means nothing and I regret adding that extra day.  Talk about being stitched up.  Even this last Sunday, I went to my manager and asked if I could start work at a time I asked for last year, he just kept saying 'No' all the time and I was completely disrespected and ignored.  The thing I've learnt in my working life, the harder you work, the more you get shit on.

Some of the people I have to work with are amazing too, I think they're great.  *sarcasm over*  One bloke who's going on 4 shifts of 12 hours each said if he didn't do these new hours, he'd just be in bed anyway and has 'fuck all to do anyway'.  When I was working 3 nights of 10 hours each, I still didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted on my nights off, and here's someone who just wants money.  The debate went on where I said time in life is important, and he said money is more important and we're all going to die anyway.  This is the point I said '..and this is where the conversation ends' and walked out of the office.  No doubt I'll have been slagged off for my opinions that we only live this life once and time is important.  Fair enough, we can't live without money, but having to breathe the same air as someone who doesn't even care about life, and he's also someone who doesn't care about anyone, not even himself, it just makes me think further that we're living on a planet full of morons!

In the end though, all I can say is.. don't let the bastards grind you down.  If you're in a job with morons that don't deserve to breathe the same air as you, just do your job knowing you're better than them.  They can live their life smoking, taking drugs, being arseholes.  As long as you're happy in life, never bored, and make the most of your time, you're ok.  I give this advice thinking that work should never rule you, but I'm wriiting a blog about it.  I suppose it's good advice to write about these things sometimes if you've had stress within work like I have the last 3 weeks.  I'm bloody fed up with it and writing this does make me feel a bit better.

Just remember one thing.  These companies will miss you when new jobs come up, just work hard, and when you give them two fingers, trust me, they'll miss you.

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April 6th, 2011

11:01 pm - Sucker Punch and Religious Beliefs


Soooo, today I went to see Sucker Punch.  I've been waiting to see this film for a long time, and I said it'd be the film of the year.  I'm not going to jump straight into it though, I'll tell you about the whole Wednesday that led up to watching the movie, and then I'll give you my view.  It was an interesting day to say the least.

I headed off to Nottingham early on and caught my train from Worksop.  I wanted to watch the movie at my favourite cinema, Cineworld, which is based at the Corner House in Nottingham.  I got there to find that Sucker Punch had been fully booked.  I thought it was a bit strange as nobody was there at 10.30am and yet it had sold out, as well as the three showings after that time.  As I'd bought myself a Gregg's sandwich, I decided to head to the park and have me a relaxing feast in the sun.  It's a park where me and Caroline went on our first date so it's always special.
I sat there and got a few photos of wildlife, had my food, and just chilled out thinking about anything.  After a good half an hour, a couple of Johovah's Witnesses came walking along, black women they were, and I knew they'd be coming to my lonely little peaceful bench when I heard one of them say 'let's go and talk to him' or some crap where I thought 'Oh God, leave me in peace'.  But they came up, and we actually had a nice chat.  But once again, Tonyo verses religion.. it must be a good score to me by now and I still haven't lost a single round.  You know you beat them when they have to resort to getting the Bible out and reading stuff from it, but that still doesn't work.  My experiences in life and my knowledge on true spiritual and scientific facts will always win over a book written by 'God' knows who (haha, you see what I did there?) and a book that contradicts itself over and over.
These two women who were obviously trying to change my unchanging strong mind weren't getting anywhere.  Especially when they said that good can happen if a family is good around each other.  I told them 'That is not the world we live in.  You must use evil to fight evil otherwise you cannot win'.  They disagreed.  Of course, being me I have an answer for everything.  'Alright, for an example, the old audio story of War Of The Worlds.  A Priest stood before the alien and thought he could stop them, they struck him down and killed him.  Good cannot beat evil by using good, only good can use evil to defeat evil, it's the only way'.  This is when the Bible came out, and again, they said God made the planet, which previously I'd told them that God is a thought form and we created him.
It was a good ol' natter, but please Religious folk, don't you ever give up?  People can be good without having religion pushed on them.  Tell someone who hasn't got a clue about these Godly things, because I know what's going on in the world and don't need a book to tell me what I should and shouldn't do, especially one that's so out of date.  After this chat, I must admit, I know about more things than I realised.  I reeled off science, politics, religion, the paranormal, and War Of The Worlds in one 20 minute chat.  Haha.

Okies, so I went back to the cinema after I left the park.  I was going to head back to the train station but decided to see if the film had opened and there was some mistake.  I was right, and caught the 1.15pm showing of Sucker Punch.  So, was it any good?

I've been claiming that Sucker Punch would probably be the film of the year because it had a story and effects.  I was wrong.  The battle scenes with the giant samurai and dragon were mind blowing.  The robots and Nazi zombies dragged on a bit too long and had far too many slow down sequences, especially the robot battle.  I also felt sad when they killed the baby dragon, and there was no real reason for this in the end.
Babydoll had to find a map, fire, a knife, a key, and something that was a mystery... that turned out to be Babydoll herself, so that was original wasn't it and not exactly a shocker.  I had a couple fo theories about this film... I thought maybe the imaginary world would be the real world and she'd escape the so called reality by going into this new place... Wrong!  I thought the bloke in the imaginary world would betray Babydoll and her  four friends right at the end and they'd have to defeat him... WRONG!  I thought this film had a decent story and would be flipping good..... WROOOONG!!!!!
So pretty much, the world she went into was a pile of crap and seemed pretty pointless.  It didn't have the structure of say.. Inception, and just mixed things up too much and battle effect scenes that were film sellers and not giving a shit about the storyline.  If I could have read this script before they used it, I'd have changed so many things.  It's a potential story that I'd probably write myself, but if I'd have written it, it'd have made more sense.
I love the characters and costumes and can see a lot of cosplays coming from this movie.  I don't think there will be a sequel, it'd be a waste of time if they brought another one out.  These battle scenes would have fitted a Gantz movie perfectly, and it wouldn't have been pointless.
So all in all, this movie was a disappointment to me.  I'd probably buy the DVD for the battle scenes alone, and watch it again to try and figure out what's going on and fit together all the imaginary stuff to the reality stuff.. which is broken from the first time Babydoll enters her fantasy world so saying that is pointless too.
Could have been a lot better, maybe they'll improve it in the re-make in about 30 years?

The day was nice though and the weather was perfect.  I got home, had my tea and jumped online with Caroline until really late.  Life is great, but Sucker Punch isn't!

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February 24th, 2011

11:28 am - I'm going back to 2007 video making!

The last year has been a bitch!  Seriously.  When you make media, let it be videos or photographs, eventually you meet someone that says they don't want to be on camera.  Of course I have to listen to them otherwise I'd end up being flagged for things that are good, but ruined by someone that hasn't realised that we're living in a age of cameras, Facebook, TV media.  Anyone can end up in a newspaper these days, or on the local news.  Thinking about all this, if it came to being on the big screen rather than Tonyo Times, it'd be a different matter.  Or getting paid for being on a photo rather than being on Tonyo Times.  The world is so greedy, that wouldn't surprise me.  It's times like this when I wish I knew Paris Hilton, I don't think she'd mind?

Thanks to my buddy, Sam Webster, he hit the nail on the head when talking about all of when my misfortune of video making started.  May 2010, Namco Arcade in London.  They told me I couldn't film an organised Air Hockey match and ruined it in a big way.  I wasn't told to stop filming in October 2009 so nobody thought this could happen.  Then there was the Jack Klaff incident at Memorabilia November 2010, and I know if his fans see this blog, they'll soon be diving on me again saying 'Oh my God, you can't leave it alone can you?'  This is my blog.. fuck off!

Yesterday was the date for my 10th Midlands Cosplayers Meet.  A Tonyo Times event organised by me.  Prizes and events organised by me!  It was supposed to be something fun on video, that's what I do.  It was a good day, don't get me wrong.  But with a couple of people not wanting to be on film, and someone else coming along not even knowing what I do and insulted me, the more I think about yesterday, the more I wish I'd have not made an event and just organised a day with close pals.

I'm very outspoken and I know this could cause some grievances, but what I say is right.  Why would anyone come to a organised meet up if you don't want to talk to anyone, and I can't take video footage just in case someone gets pissed off that they're on my film?  I'm fed up with all this anti-media crap and I'm pretty much not doing anymore meets.  This was the second time I felt it was a flop.  At a previous meet, loads of people turned up, and again it was a Tonyo Times meet, and they didn't even know who I was.  I don't want to seem big headed (I can be, haha), but why the fuck would you come to an event that's based on Tonyo Times if you don't know what the fuck is happening and who the host is?  Seriously.

Because of my year of media hell, whether it be not wanting to be filmed or because I'm not paying you.. I am changing strategy on my channel.  I have one more event I'm going to cover (not mine) before London Expo, and if people don't want their photos taken, I'm not going to moan about it.  But when Expo comes, I'm going back to the way I filmed and edited them in 2007, back when I started covering events.  I'll edit them as I film them and I won't be holding back on what I say either.  I think since Tonyo Times got a bit media friendly over the last 2 years, I lost the way I used to be, cut the bad language and became more family friendly to watch.  Nightowl Darksky wouldn't give a shit, why the hell should Tonyo Times?

Am I in bit of a bad mood?  Well, can't you tell?

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February 18th, 2011

08:38 am - Is this what being mental feels like?

First off, this is the first time I've blogged on Facebook in 2 months.  I've been saving my stuff for my website.  As I only do a blog on there once a week, there's going to be times where I'll just do a normal blog like this on my FB, and probably go and post it on Live Journal and Deviant Art like I used to.  Screw MySpace, that's a waste of space these days.  So if you're reading this crap on DA or Live Journal, yes, I do have a Facebook that I use more than anything.

I was really ill last night with stomache ache and feeling sick.  It's rare when I'm ill that I have to go to bed to feel better, I hate going to bed.  While in there, I got some sleep, weird sleep... dreams when ill = weird shit.  I'm not going into detail but I had a dream and knew exactly that I was dreaming, and then had another dream which tried to distract me from the fact that I could now control what I did in dreams because I knew, and then another dream which kept me occupied and made me totally forget what I was doing.. and ended up beating two chavs up, that was good.  :)

Waking up early this morning, my mind is in strange phase mode.  I don't feel sick or have stomache pain, but my brain is all fuzzy and it still feels like I'm asleep.  Where am I again?

A great way to start blogging properly again, by writing a blog when my brain is messed up.  I think I'm ill because of something I ate as well?  That's all I can put it down to really.  God, and I had last night off work which pisses me off no end.  I don't even know if I'll be fit enough for tonight.

Is there anything else I can ramble on about?  I've been watching my Top Gear Challenges 1-4 boxset which is amazing, and I've got two episodes left to watch of Misfits series 2.  After I'm done with these, I'll probably pick the joypad up again.  Bollocks, being ill is such a bitch... now then, I have to decide whether I'm dreaming this up or not, brain fuzzy!!!!

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November 21st, 2010

03:51 pm - Memorabilia - 20th November 2010

I made it to the Birmingham NEC to attend the Memorabilia event for just the Saturday.  I didn't feel that good with my back hurting but decided to go for it and do the 3 hour train journey.  Unfortunately, on this rainy Saturday, I was travelling more than anything.  I got to the NEC at about 9.30am and I was leaving by around 2pm.  I can officially announce that I wont be attending anymore Memorabilia shows.  The main reason is more because of Manchester Expo and I can't go to all events, but it's also because I didn't enjoy it enough.

The good part of Memorabilia was the people.  Will, Jaspreet and Chin of Tecmo Koei, had me in stitches.  They've always been wonderful people.  If you're reading this and never been to London Expo or Memorabilia, I do recommend you check out the Tecmo Koei booth, you wont just be able to try out new games coming out, you'll be able to meet some awesome down to earth people.

I also hung out with my friend Nikki, checking out the stalls and artwork.  If I had the money, I'd have spend plenty on some digital art I saw.  Amazing.  The cosplayers were amazing, and really friendly, shame there were only a few at the event.  My highlight of costumes had to be Darth Vader facing off with The Stig for about a minute.  Brilliant.  They even got their own video for that.

Joe (Granny Gertrude) and Rick (Man Misa) stopped to have a long chat with me which I filmed.  Part 2 and 3 of my videos you can watch that.  You guys were loads of fun.  I couldn't help but get it on video, I was starting my wandering videos at the time.

The bad things did do my head in, and so many things bugged me at this event that I can't say it was a good one.  If one annoying thing happened, I'd probably not even remember, but I got so much crap, and my back was killing me, I had to go early for my own sake.

I was told by someone I've never even heard of called Jack Klaff, not to film.  I actually forgot until I edited the video that I said, "Why, are you scared?"  Haha.  His assistant was getting up really quick and I made my getaway before she could be a bitch and attack my camcorder or something.  Fact is, the little people made these celebrities, and then they treat everyone like shit when they're so so 'famous'.  Unfortunately for Jack, he's not that famous.  He's been in Red Dwarf as a bit part (all of his acting career is bit parts though) and he was Red Four in Star Wars: A New Hope.  Didn't he die a horrible and painful death?  I can't wait to have some fun with that on future videos.  ;)

The Star Wars Stormtroopers did my head in as well, trying to snatch my hat and wanting me to lay on the floor.  I could get on my knees and didn't care about that, but I couldn't lay on the floor when I've been off work with a bad back two days previous.  I had my camera snatched away before I knew what was going on and all my stuff being dragged off me.  I kept face to be kind, but it did piss me off, and the more I think about it the more I'm unhappy with it.  I haven't added it to my wander video but it's part 4 with the Shadow Trooper, if anyone's interested.  I talk and banter, in future, please don't touch me!  I do like the Troopers but I feel maybe they're going a little bit too far now.

Then later I went to the EA stand with Nikki and wanted to play Dead Space 2 on video.  I was told I couldn't film it because it's a game that's not been released.  But the game is on show isn't it?  The more free advertising you get the better, right?  There have been so many people who have watched my videos in the past, especially the gaming videos on my old games channel, who have messaged me and commented on my videos saying they were impressed and going to buy the game... I didn't get the chance here.  Even if it's one more person buying the game, it doesn't hurt any stupid greedy copyright laws does it?  Nikki didn't want to play after that and I left it, but will put the footage I got on my channel because I want to!

So that's my last Memorabilia event.  Thanks to the real people, my friends, it didn't make the whole thing a complete failure.  You all saved me on this day, you don't know how much and I love you all for it.  I hope 2011 will be an epic year for Expos, as I shall be attending 4 of them.  :D

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